The time is here the time is now this virus is being used to bring the world to their knees No I Father God did not cause this but all things have a purpose What was meant for evil I am using it My Kingdom come My will be done in earth as it is in heaven I am Love I am Just My Son fulfilled the Law He frees you from the curse of sin and death I love you I don’t love the things that you do My Spirit is love peace joy longsuffering meekness gentleness goodness faith temperance My grace is sufficient for you My strength is made perfect in weakness Be not afraid only believe Go therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the Father Son Holy Spirit Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature My Kingdom come My will be done in earth as it is in heaven Miracle Signs Wonders are here get ready for the harvest billions are coming The wind is separating the chaff from the wheat Those who have fulfilled their calling are coming home those who could loose their salvation are coming home Yes people are getting saved in the last breath they are coming home I have many mansions in My house Call out to dry bones come alive call out to dead hearts come alive tell their hearts to beat Lies manipulation hatred witchcraft black magic evil wickedness perversion are of the devil all end in death eternally The fruit of My Spirit is life eternally Choices and decisions made determines heaven and hell you judge yourself with what you do with your time on earth Repent change your mind it is not too late I Am has and will bring those home who believe repent My desire is none to perish but all come home Sadly that won’t happen I created the world to love and be loved back Love Me your God with all your heart all your mind all your soul all your strength love your neighbors as yourself live justly love mercy speak life not death the tongue is life and death If there is nothing nice to say don’t say it Words can destroy words can build up name calling cursing put downs kill a person slowly Loving encouraging correction that may hurt at the moment brings life Much sickness and disease is due to sin unforgiveness hatred bitterness anger they eat away emotionally spiritually and it becomes physical body breaks down Forgiveness letting go of negative thoughts words deeds bring healing There is much brokenness due to physical emotional spiritual abuse That is to stop Enough is enough My Son lived His life as an example He came to show the Way He died to pay the debt Those who believe in Him believe in Me also We are One Our Spirit is to help teach and guide you in this evil wicked world it was not created to be like this but it is because of the Fall in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve I Am is always present I lead you not into temptation but deliver you from evil I give ways out in all situations if you believe repent trust I Am with you Love honor obey Me your One True God yourself and others My Spirit help with that don’t quench Him He speaks only what I give Him If your are hearing dark ugly mean things it is not Him He helps you to love have peace and joy even in the midst of troubling times He helps change thoughts word deeds to life healing encouragement Yes lovingly correct Not condemnation though you maybe convicted condemnation brings shame guilt conviction brings correction peace Time is here time is now I Am waiting Come home children come home.


Word given April 4, 2020 to Shawn