Time of Repentance


Shifting moving changing it is here it is now this virus is the beginning I did not create or cause this thus says the LORD I am allowing it every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess I Am God proclaim MY Sons name Jesus be high and lifted up enough is enough I hear the cries of the innocent I see all things know all things nothing is hidden from Me I AM that I AM I AM Love I AM Just I AM Jealous Jesus Son of Man Son of God brings abundant life the things of the world do not Repent turn from your evil wicked ways I AM has many mansions in My house In the world there is trials and tribulations In Jesus there is peace the trials do not stop while you are on this earth it is a fallen world but in My Son you have peace in the midst of them Eyes on Jesus My Son who paid the ransom for you to be with Us there is healing in repentance there is freedom from sin drugs sexual immorality sacrifices with repentance The time is here the time is now Repent change your mind NO more lies NO more manipulation brainwashing these things are sin Let go of anger malice bitterness grasp love peace and joy those things kill you slowly physically spiritually emotionally My love My peace My joy sustains even in the hard times I AM Love I AM Just I AM Jealous I AM knows all things I AM took care of Israel Seek Me you will find Me I wait for you.