Keep Moving Forward


Remember not the former things I am doing a new thing do you not see it I take what was meant for evil and turn it for good Eyes up I am near call upon Me I will hear you stop looking around and look up to Me the Great I AM I do not desire for any to perish but all come to repentance Enough of allowing evil wickedness and perversion run through the land Humble yourselves seek Me I am here to be found Thus says the LORD your God I love you with and everlasting love Jesus My only begotten died for you so your sins shall be forgiven if you believe in Him Repent change your mind that there be life abundantly There is eternal life either in heaven or in hell Seek Me and you will find Me I love you I knew you before the foundation of the earth I gave freewill The choices you make here on earth determines where you will be You decide with what you do Believe in My Son Jesus repent trust and believe the weak shall say I am strong the poor shall say I am rich the sick shall say I am whole the captive shall say I am free You were created to Love not hate Love Me Love yourself Love others Honor Me Honor yourself Honor others Obey Me Obey yourself Obey others in Love Truth and Life The devil steals kills and destroys I am the Way the Truth and the LIFE In the world is tribulation in Me Jesus there is peace I give you peace not as the world give but My peace I give to you There will always be problems in life as you are on the this earth Eyes on Jesus and not on the storm People Get Ready for My return My coming You are not ready Leaders rise up the harvest is waiting How much more will you go through before turning to Me your One True God My Holy Spirit will teach and guide you in the WAY Jesus the Living Word read the bible it is basic instructions before leaving earth I love you I miss My time I had with Adam and Eve in the garden I want to walk with you talk with you I too like to have fun You are created in Our likeness Father Son Holy Spirit three in one Come to Me let go of the past the latter can be better than the first Love your Father in heaven Let My Spirit flow