God Speakes To Us


When I was 16 years old, I wanted to end my life. Then I heard a voice say, “You do this you won’t see God in heaven.” Since then I have wanted to live. I was blessed with children and grandchildren. Did I make mistakes? Yes! Did and do I go through things? Yes, but I talk to Godhead all the time about everything. I am helped to dump the junk. Jesus did it for us on the cross. Holy Spirit reveals things to dump, I let Him help me deal and am healed.


I am not big on technology, but God asked me to go on Facebook. I see good, but I see and feel a lot of hurt and anger, which we all have something. Since I have been letting go letting God, my hurts and anger go to peace and joy. In the world there is tribulation in Jesus there is peace. Peace in our hearts and minds. Thank You Jesus! Every once in a while, I get an answer to “how are You” when I sit and talk with the LORD. He asks me to share some of them. This is the answer I received this morning without punctuation: Satan has had his way far too long I AM is calling for people to come to Me I give free will I allow choices and decisions there are consequences good or bad evil for evil good for good I know people ask why do bad things happen to people it is what they do with what happened My WORD shows it all as you read it and grow in it allow your eyes to be opened to truth you see Yes I do get angry Yes I allow things to happen but as they cry out to Me I hear them as they repent they are forgiven once forgiven forgotten you see in My WORD I can help anyone Mary Magdalene a prostitute who had demons Saul who became Paul he persecuted Christians became My mouth to Jews and Gentile The man with legion set free I desire for My creation to be free from sin and death your bodies fail but your soul is eternally in heaven or hell My Son paid it all All people have to do is believe and allow the hurt to be healed move on let go of the past I can’t change the past but I can change the effect what was meant for evil does get turned for good Let go Let Me God Great I AM help My Son is the Way Truth and Life We love you